solarcity_smart_green_utility_620I’ve long believed that solar power would eventually be an economically viable solution to the world’s energy needs. Then in early 2015 I read an article about solar that detailed out how solar is now cheaper than electricity purchased from your friendly local utility company.  That piqued my interest and I started reading up on the industry and the dynamics in play throughout the US and the world.

Guess what? Turns out solar is the fastest growing form of energy generation. Not the fastest growing form or renewable energy generation, but the fastest growing form of energy generation period. So sometime in mid-2015 I decided I wanted to be involved in solar somehow and I started seriously researching and learning. I quickly determined that SolarCity was the heart and soul of the boom in solar; they had created a new business model that allowed almost any homeowner to put solar panels on the roof for no upfront out of pocket cost* and start saving money on their electric bill immediately. That’s right, after installation your monthly payment for the panels plus your monthly electric bill are now lower than what your monthly electric bill used to be. Would you rather pay more for dirty energy, or pay less for clean solar energy?

When I learned SolarCity was hiring in El Paso I could be found banging on the regional manager’s door, resume and ideas in hand. And on January 25, 2016 I started my dream job as an energy consultant/analyst with SolarCity here in El Paso. This is the most amazing company I’ve ever worked for and their goal is simple—they want to change the world by removing mankind’s dependence on fossil fuels. I’m honored to be a part of their world changing.

If you want to change your world and start using clean solar energy for less money than you are currently paying for dirty energy, let me know. The only information I need is your annual electric usage and I’ve created a website where you can easily find it and upload it directly to me. It takes a day or two to analyze your usage and I’ll reply by email letting you know if solar will work for your home.

Questions? Contact me and we’ll discuss anything you’d like.


*Expecting a disclaimer full of fine print for that “no out of pocket upfront cost” claim? There isn’t one. When you sign up for a SolarCity lease or PPA you pay nothing down and payments don’t start until after the system is installed and turned on and electricity is being generated from your roof.